Natural Crystals & Stones – The Metaphysical Qualities and Uses of These Stones and Crystals

People around the globe have long been fascinated by the metaphysical attributes of stones, more commonly called minerals, over the centuries. It has been established that all matter exists in a moldavite for sale best prices. Crystallines are able to resist the effects of other vibration frequencies and have a more stable vibration.

A mineral’s crystalline form can stimulate healing because of its property of sympathetic vibration or resonance. They resonate strongly with one of our seven major energy center (chakras). The vibrations seem to be affected in part by the stones’ colors. This is similar to seven charkas that also correspond with seven rainbow colours. (Crown chakra – violet, Blow chakra – indigo and Throat chakra-blue. Heart chakra, Solar Pleus chama – yellow. Sacral Chakra – orange. Base chakra — red. These resonant frequencies create an electromagnetic spectrum.

If we assume that all human beings have interweaving energie bodies (human aura), beyond their physical shells, it makes sense that they could be influenced electromagnetically by crystals and minerals.

Disarmony in thought patterns can cause illness and diseases. Therefore, prolonged exposure of the positive vibrations from stones could have a healing impact. Minerals offer protection from negativities, and in this way can bring us luck.

For ghost-proofing, amulets and talismans.

Certain stones, especially those that are of celestial origin, seem to have the power repel unwanted or destructive energy. These stones, such as those in the meteorite category tektite or moldavites, iron, or nickel meteorites can be used to repel evil spirits. These stones can be used as powerful talismans or amulets when they are carved with images such as Buddha or other deities or when they have been enchanted by skilled practitioners.

Also, certain amulets/talismans are believed to protect you from ghosts. Some believe certain stones such as white quartz, amethyst or ametrine, citrine, smokey quartz, can offer the same protection. Other protective stones include jet, pyrite. black star diopside. Personally, I realize that stones are susceptible to varying levels of electromagnetic radiation. Stones can serve as protective shields over our bodies by strengthening our body’s energy vibration.

I have a very powerful talisman, the image of the Earth Store Bodhisattva (Dichang), made from tektite. I also have a bracelet of amber pyrite and amber that I take with me on my trips overseas. I also have pendants, bracelets, and pendants made out of iron meteorite. This is also a powerful weapon against negativities. It is believed that moonstones make excellent protection for travelers who are crossing foreign waters. I always have some pieces of tumbled Moonstones in my luggage.

For those who are afraid of ghosts in hotels and abroad, they may try arranging your shoes in the Ying Yang style – one with your sole facing up and one with your normal position – at their feet.

Similar to the stones, amulets or talismans can also be charged with strong vibrations by their creators – priests and monks alike. At my level I am able magnetize stones, as well any objects, to confer upon them stronger radiation using my energization technique or the chanting of mantras.

Spirits in Stones

Some believe that some stones have memories and some are homes for life after death. Stella, my spiritual friend claims that she is able to communicate with the stones. She says she sees impish creatures in certain stones. I found images of a woman dressed in a Greek-styled gown while meditating inside a Labradorite (a kind if felspar stone that is opaque with brilliant blue against a gray background). My intrusion was annoying because she had almond-shaped eyes, and her features were atypical. Another stone, a Rhodonite piece, was nearby. It was a pink color stone with black Manganese-steaks. I could make out dome-shaped structures in it. I also remember another instance where an old lady gave me a piece o jade, which she had pulled from the exhumed graves of her mother. I asked her permission to allow her daughter-in laws to wear it. I felt a burning sensation in my stomach when I pulled the jewelry out of my hand. I asked her to confirm that her mother suffered from stomach pains. I cleaned the stone and she informed me that she decided not to give it to the daughter-in-law. She preferred to keep it inside the jewelry box. Jade is thought to have an unusual property that protects its owner. It would sometimes break apart in dangerous situations. According to folklore, it prevents the wearer from being hurt.

Stones For Attracting Fortune

Chinese believe that wearing certain stones can bring good fortune. Jade is a popular stone that can bring good fortune and protection. The yellow gemstones yellow sapphire (topaz), citrine and yellow sapphire are good options for gamblers. Some may also carry a pyrite cookie and a $1 coin in their wallet. These green stones are useful for attracting wealth and include jade as well as peridot (with chloride inclusions), aventurine, malachite and emerald). These semi-precious stones can be worn in rings and pendants. Additionally, some tumbled stones (aventurine/malachite and Amazonite) can help increase daily earnings from retail businesses.

Feng-shui & Stones

Feng-Shui, also called Geomancy, refers to energy. These include energy due to the landscape, magnetic forces, energy flows, seasonal fluctuations, celestial or planetary influences, the positioning of static items in the environment and how your energy interacts with all of these causes. Feng-Shui in Western culture is used to bring a wide range of scientific equipment into a place and measure the various forms energy there. If you are sensitive and sensitive to energy, it is possible to feel the influence or “Feng-Shui”, which is the good and evil “Chi” rather than solely relying on Feng Shui’s principles. If stones are in the right location, they can be used to improve Fengshui. A good example of this is the wealth position in the left hand corner, which is diagonally opposite of the entrance. To enhance the positive energy there one can put amethyst gede. This is a more effective alternative to placing round-leaf leaves there, as Feng shui masters traditionally recommend. You could also hang faceted crystal balls or wind chimes on your windows to block the negative energy of any landscape or structures. These faceted balls could be seen dancing on the walls against the sun, reflecting specks from rainbow lights.

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