The Mistakes to Avoid While Chasing the Gold Price Today

So you have decided that investing in gold or silver is the best thing to do today’s economic environment. The gold price today continues to rise. You realize that it is time to buy silver investments and gold investments now. You may be asking yourself, what types of gold and silver are best to buy? What should you do? What are the best ways to buy it?

The most important thing to remember is that you should buy real gold, silver, and not fool’s gold and fool’s silver. It is important to buy real gold coins and silver coins. These precious metals don’t necessarily have to be held in the hand; they can be stored in either of Brinks’ two locations.

But physical gold or silver is the best. There are many different forms of gold, silver and other metals on the market. Many of them are not worth your time and are merely fool’s gold. EFT’s are the exchange traded funds. The widespread acceptance in the gold community is that the ETF’s do not have all the gold or silver they claim they do.

These funds are essentially price exposure to today’s market gold rate. You aren’t buying physical gold and/or silver you can hold or touch. It is one of most private investments. This transaction is between you, the dealer, and no one else. EFTs allow you to return private investment to the banks responsible for the current economic crisis. These banks are to be trusted at your peril.

Also, be careful about certificates and pools accounts. They might not have the necessary gold and silver to make the investments in their pool accounts. Essentially, you are buying futures contracts. This is essentially a way to get exposure to silver and gold prices, and not the real stuff.

There are also numismatic and collectible coins. Because you are purchasing a rare or collectible coin, the price you pay could be many times the actual amount of gold or silver in the coin. Bullion coins, bullion bars and bullion bar’s value are based on the current world spot silver or gold spot prices. There are hundreds of thousands, if certainly millions, of buyers available for gold bullion coin and silver bullion coin.